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Who Are The Telos Team Members?

Telos is a Decentralized Blockchain and there is no single entity who can be referred to as ‘the team’ as such but multiple entities or groups who have unique individual duties. The major ones are Network Validators, Telos Foundation (TF) and Telos Core Devs (TCD)


• 21 active + 21 standby Block Producers also known as Network Validators – All of them are unique entities running the blockchain primarily and doing major contributions, voted by TLOS stakeholders

• Telos Foundation – Marketing and promotional body – Board members are elected by TLOS stakeholders

• Telos Core Devs — Major body looking after technical developments on Telos


Kindly Click Here to view the list of Block Producers/Network Validators!

Kindly Click Here to view the major people involved in the TF and TCD!


Telos contributors are not limited to the ones listed here but these are the major entities voted by the TLOS stakeholders to develop, promote and look after Telos!

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