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How To Get A Free Telos Address/Account?

A Telos address or account name is typically 12 characters long which makes it readable and human-friendly.

Since Telos ($TLOS) is decentralized, there is no ‘official’ wallet as such. There are various wallets which allow you to create a Telos address and use it. In this article, the easiest and most preferred ones are discussed.

1) Telos Sign (account creation) + Anchor (signer)

This is one of the most preferred ways to go about getting a free Telos account and accessing various DApps. Telos Sign will help you get a free Telos account and Anchor will help access DApps on Telos. (A signer holds your private keys and signs/approves transactions on the blockchain for you. You can consider it as your wallet to keep things simple)

Telos Sign supports free account creation as well as access to DApps whereas account creation on Anchor is paid but it’s supported by almost every DApp as opposed to Telos Sign. Hence, it is ideal to get a free Telos account from Telos Sign and import it on Anchor using the private keys. Step-by-step process to go about this is discussed below. Note that this is not the only way to do so but the most convenient and preferred one.

a) Get a free Telos account/address from Telos Sign:
  • Go to https://wallet.telos.net (Telos Web Wallet) and click on ‘Create New Account’ or click here to go directly to Telos Sign. (For your better understanding, Telos Web Wallet is a wallet interface and Telos Sign is a signer that holds your private keys)
  • Enter a unique 12 character address of your choice. You can use characters from a-z and 1-5 only. (If the address is already taken, try a different one). Pass the CAPTCHA and click on ‘Create’.
  • Your Telos account has been created successfully! You’ll see your Telos address and the private key. Copy them to a safe and private place. If you lose the private key or if someone else has access to it, you might lose all your funds on that account.
  • If you wish to continue using Telos Sign and Telos Web Wallet, you can save the account there by entering the private key and then sign-in (Optional).
b) Import the private key on Anchor:
  • You can now download Anchor to import the private key there. Download linksAndroid(early access).
  • Importing the account is really simple. Click on ‘Add’.
  • Enter the private key or scan QR code.
  • You’ll see two accounts in the format yourtelosaddress@active and yourtelosaddress@owner. You can choose any of them, the owner one is recommended in this case.
  • Cross-check the information and click on ‘Import Account’.
  • You have successfully imported your Telos account on Anchor!
  • You might notice that Anchor just has your Telos account and not any DApps/Transfer tabs. That’s because it is a signer and not a wallet. Using it is really simple – Whenever you’re on any DApp, you can click on ‘Connect Wallet’ and select Anchor, you’ll be prompted to open the app and approve connecting to that DApp and while making a transaction, the DApp will again prompt you to approve the transaction from Anchor. To make transfers, you can use any block explorer like Bloks.
  • If you wish to use a wallet like interface, you can use the Telos Web Wallet and connect any signer like Anchor or Telos Sign.

2) Wombat (recommended for beginners)

Wombat wallet is ideal if you are a beginner due to its easy-to-use nature. Steps to get a free Telos account is explained below.

  • Download the Wombat wallet – Android | iOS | Chrome Plugin.
  • Click on Sign Up.
  • Read and confirm the Terms and Policies and select the social media that you would like to use to sign-up. Note that your private key will be backed up in an encrypted form on the social media you choose, so choose carefully which only you’ll have access to. If you lose access to that social media where the private keys are backed up or if it’s compromised, you might lose all your funds.
  • Confirm again and click on ‘Sign Up’.
  • Enter a pin to protect your account on that device and confirm it. (In case you forget this pin, you can uninstall and reinstall the app and sign-in).
  • Click on ‘Create New Account’.
  • Select ‘Telos’ on the top.
  • Enter a unique 12 character address using the characters a-z and 1-5 and click on ‘Create Account’.
  • Select where you want to backup the private key if prompted.
  • Allow it.
  • Your Telos account is successfully created! You can click on any of the icons there to move ahead.
  • You’ll see your funds on the ‘Wallet’ tab and you can use the ‘Explorer’ tab to search for DApps.
  • Note that your private key are encrypted on the social media you used for signup, keep that safe. If you wish to get hands over the private key, it’s a paid feature available in the ‘Settings’->’Keys and Resources’ tab. Wombat does not have access to them, they’re safely encrypted on your social media.

These are two of the commonly used and preferred ways to go about getting a free Telos account. There are various other wallets/signers which you can try out! There is no ‘official’ wallet due to the decentalized nature of Telos and there are various wallets and signers developed by various developers. You’re requested to do due diligence before using any wallet or signer.

Other Wallets/Signers:

Anchor (Supports Ledger too)

Telos Sign

Telos Web Wallet


SQRL Desktop


CoolX Wallet

Math Wallet


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